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A documentary by Niels Adde & Hugues Philippart


To change

Tribulation Doc - 2020

In 1920 my ancestors settled in Port-Issol - a small Mediterranean beach. Back then, about ten families would go to the beach for a swim, but only in the afternoon.


The next five generations have enjoyed bathing in the big blue sea ever since. Today, the effluents of the water treatment plant overflow onto the shores of Port-Issol. Little is left from my mother’s times. I only saw a glimpse of it and now it might be too late for my children.

I came to realise this last summer on my way to Port-Issol again. We left at dawn as we wanted to avoid traffic jams on our 800km journey. At the first toll booth on the motorway, all hope of reaching the salted sea water seemed to melt away. There were lines of cars for as far a the eye could see.For 50 years, driving down to Port-Issol beach has got me to travel around the globe 4 times and release 66 tons of carbon dioxide.


What is needed for a sustainable future ?

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