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A documentary by Maud &Hugues Philippart


with horses

Tribulation Doc - 2021

After her father’s death, Maud takes over the family stable. The woman discovers the network of Le Gallop Français, an uncompromising man’s world.

With Julien’s help, a young trainer, she wins her first “Quinté” in Deauville. But, top tier racing is a constant succession of new beginnings. Injuries follow victory… Nothing is guaranteed until the finish line. Owner and trainer stick together, despite the economic and health crisis.

With no one staking her at the starting line, will Maud win her own bet and save Marengo Stable?

Papa died two years ago. What will become of his stable and his horses? It is unthinkable for me to give up, to stop his colors from running. How could I forget my father’s passion, disown my name, my history?"

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