DVD PAL - 53 mn - 2007 - VO English


  • After two centuries of colonial tragedy, the Australian aborigines took control of their destiny.

    The Aboriginal Land Rights act was a sign of political awareness which began in the Sixties. From then on, the local population have claimed the right to own their ancestral land.

    Nature reserves were created and were part-managed by government institutions and aboriginal tribes. This caused a profitable tourist industry to flourish. The primitive art forms fascinate the modern world.

    The Australian national tourist board sets up a native branch, chaired by Aden Ridgeway, the first MP from an aboriginal background, and a symbolic figure for legislative and political development.

    In the North Territory, Indigenous tourism helps to reconcile the two different Australian peoples : the Europeans want to be forgiven for the tragic colonial period ; the aborigines try to preserve their ancient roots from the present and the future.